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Design Services team.

They don’t just see the future. They design it. Their good taste, strong opinions and formidable skills make them invaluable to our clients. And we wouldn’t want it any other way. After all, seeing is believing.

Vice President Design Services


Kathryn is responsible for the day-to-day management of all Polaris Pacific escrow activities and design centers. In her role as the on-site liaison between Polaris Pacific’s clients and home buyers, Kathryn guides the consumer experience to promote each project’s unique selling points and to generate increased sales. Kathryn received her bachelor of arts in business studies from the Lancashire Polytechnic Institute in Preston, UK.

In The Red Room Articles by Kathryn Baker
Design Services Manager


Shannon has experience working in the client-services arena for many successful projects in San Francisco and Oakland, including SOMA Grand, 555 Bartlett, Uptown Place, Blanc and Linea. She has managed the upgrade preparation and delivery of over 600 residences, generating millions of dollars in gross upgrade sales. Shannon’s expert communication skills facilitate a seamless experience for home buyers as she guides them through the upgrade and escrow processes.

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