Five Loud, Proud, and Show-Stopping Signs Cities Still Reign

As communities reawaken, cities still do it better.

Kara Schultz

Welcome Back to Eccentri-City. The signs are everywhere—cities are again bubbling over with the exciting, inspiring, and totally eccentric. All proof they still do it best. And all reasons to embrace a bold streak and stand tall for urban life.

1. The Show Must Go On.

Seattle Bumbershoot
After hitting pause, Chicago restarted Lollapalooza, Seattle’s finally throwing another Bumbershoot, and this Summer will swell with a Pride Festival in every city.

2. The Artistry of the Unexpected.

Gold Club's in New York Central Park
Art is taking a louder, more unplanned, and more unfiltered presence in our cities evident in pop-up art fairs on San Francisco’s BART trains and mysterious Gold Cubes in New York’s Central Park.

3. Food Gets Communal.

LA’s California Market Center
The trend of food halls is set to continue defining our urban centers as restaurateurs band together to fill vacant, oversized commercial space like LA’s California Market Center and San Francisco’s La Cocina Municipal Marketplace.

4. Corporations Vote Cities.

Rite Aid is creating a headquarters at the Philadelphia Navy Yard
Even with a hybrid model of work-from-home, corporations continue to pour into cities to offer employees easier commutes and place-based inspiration like Rite Aid’s brand-new Philadelphia Collaboration Center.

5. From Blank Slate to Mixed-Use.

San Francisco's Treasure Island
Developers continue to help evolve urban centers with ground-up mixed-use projects like Atlanta’s Centennial Yards, San Francisco’s Treasure Island, and Los Angeles’s Metropolis.

Now that you’ve read the signs, join us in being bold by standing tall for the fabulous urban cocktail of energy, excitement, eccentrics, and experiences.

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