Your Go-to Spot:
Maple Bacon Donuts.

Downtown LA’s favorite new diner gets all sweet and savory.

Kara Schultz

The best use of bacon since bacon.
In a city filled with iconic donut shops and even iconic donut architecture, one of the best donuts doesn’t even come from a donut shop at all. We’re talking about the Maple Bacon Donut from Nickel Diner in downtown Los Angeles.

The Nickel Diner is a 40’s style diner with more than a hint of California eclectic flair. Chef Monica May and General Manager Kristen Trattner’s specialty is taking comfort food and elevating it. The bread for toast: Baked in house. The hash is made with spicy pulled pork. The Smac and Cheese is the staple with ‘tude. And they’ve done it with the comfort food king: The Donut.

That’s right. Donut. As in Maple Bacon. Ooegy and gooey. Sweet and savory. They have four other donuts on the menu. And each one is amazing in its own right. But this? Every bite is absolute maple bacon bliss.

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There’s a place like this in every neighborhood. Your retreat. Your escape. A restaurant with a dish like mom used to make. Or something that mom never dreamed of in a million years. A music store. A book store. A spa. It’s not a chain. And hopefully, never will be. ‘Cause it’s yours. This series will showcase those special places that are near and dear to our hearts. Where you can clear your head or fill your stomach. It’s Your Go To Spot. Find out why.

There are two kinds of people: bacon lovers and liars.
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