Building emotional connections through layered brand experiences.

Building emotional connections through layered brand experiences.

Lorin Horosz

How can a buyer decide if a home is right for them without ever seeing it?

With new real estate developments, the solution runs deeper than simply deploying the latest virtual reality technology, immersive video walls or 3D models. It’s about building an emotional connection between buyers and their future homes. Allowing prospects to truly experience the brand holistically can transform their mindset from uncertainty (Will this fit my lifestyle? Would I be happy here?) to a mindset of deal-closing confidence that satisfies their innermost aspirations (This was made for me!).

First impressions that last.
In the Sales Gallery, every touchpoint of the process should ring true to the development’s brand. Is the space uniquely inviting? Soothing? What genre of music is playing? Is there a signature fragrance that exudes just the right personality? What beverage selections are offered, and how? Are you showcasing design and smart home technology options in engaging ways? Surround your prospects with these types of micro-moments and you’ll subtly enrich the brand experience, allowing buyers to visualize a lifestyle match before they ever view a floorplan or flip through an expansive brochure.

Tech: A tool to be used wisely.
When it does come time to visualize a physical space, there are countless ways to deliver an emotional wow factor, from interactive touchscreens to immersive augmented reality and virtual reality experiences to highly curated presentations that appear to be conjured out of nowhere using the near-field beacon sensors. While it’s easy to get carried away with the latest technology, it doesn’t get the development team anywhere unless it serves an end purpose. To optimize appeal across demographics, it’s important to stay flexible. Someone who enjoys interacting with large touchscreens might feel uncomfortable when trying on a virtual reality headset — and that’s OK. Offering multiple ways to interact with floor plans, design options and amenities only creates further opportunities for prospects to connect with the development on their own terms.

Win over the heart, and the head will follow.
Through thoughtfully immersive brand experiences, we can forge a strong, visceral connection between customers and their homes — and if we do it well enough, their decision is as good as made. Add in the reinforcement of visualization tools, logic and tangible details and what formerly seemed like a leap of faith can feel like a big step in the right direction.


In the sales gallery, every touchpoint of the process should ring true to the project’s brand.
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