Turf Wars:
Missoni Baia vs.
Porsche Design

Who wins the fight of the branded experiences?

Lorin Horosz

Famous brands have always explored brand extensions. One of these is the business of the branded residence. Recognized names are attaching themselves to residential real estate like never before. Imagine being able to live the life of your favorite fashion label. Today, it’s a possibility. Bulgari, Versace, Moschino and Armani are just a few of the luxury retail brands that have turned a trend into a phenomenon. It’s been a great partnership for real estate developers due in no small part to these brands’ marketing power and customer loyalty.

The customer experience is obviously based on how well the core brand comes through. Some branded developments stay close to their well-known roots, others not so much. For this concept to truly be successful, the brand values must be established in every phase. From the moment a customer visits the website to the moment they enter the front doors of the property; a sense of familiarity must be felt. Otherwise, the customer doesn’t fully understand or value the experience they were expecting and the partnership is a failure.

Turf Wars will take a look at two branded residences and examine how closely they align with the core brand as well as the overall brand messaging.

BATTLE: Missoni Baia vs. Porsche Design Tower

Missoni Baia
When you first arrive at the Missoni Baia website you’ll notice the well-known fabric patterns that vibrantly communicate the brand. Immediately you see the words: Art. Innovation. Joy. Even if you’re only vaguely familiar with Missoni, the luxurious and free-spirited tone is hard to miss. The residence photos use a clean approach with bold furnishings and curated art that enhance the brand’s world-renowned appeal. The website is designed to be user friendly with copy that is short and on point.

When taking a look at all customer communication; website, brochure and emails, there is a strong thread throughout; building vision, amenities, neighborhood and team. There is a lack of floor plans, but this may be a deliberate choice. There are some pieces of communication that could benefit from more progressive technologies, but once again, they could be staying true to the brand. And that’s what makes Missoni Baia a well-connected extension from the mother ship.

Porsche Design Tower
The Porsche Design brand is known worldwide for their sleek, beautifully crafted products with stunning attention to detail. Yet, the Porsche Design Tower projects a dated brand experience through its very copy-dense website. For a company that prides itself on products whose very form communicates their function, the website does just the opposite.

There is a lot of information to discover. If you want the entire history of Porsche Design, it’s there. If you want to learn about the Porsche Design Tower, everything you could ever want is available. There are an extensive array of renderings, floor plans, videos and specs to detail each element of the property positioning. And therein lies the problem. You’re clicking. And clicking. And clicking. It’s information overload with no flow or thought to the user experience. Frankly, the homepage is just a photo of the tower and if you weren’t going there with a purpose, you might even think it was Porsche Design headquarters, instead of an incredible branded residence.

TURF WAR #1 WINNER: Missoni Baia for staying true to their casual and fun lifestyle brand.


We spend our lives making comparisons. We choose between this and that. Sometimes it’s a big difference. Sometimes it’s a nuance that can’t really be defined. In our new series, Turf Wars, we’re going to compare and contrast across all fields, branding, finishes, marketing, architecture and more. We’ll do a deep examination of the situation and find our clear winner. Join the battle and see if you agree.

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