Top 5
Magic Bullets.

Fundamentals for a great marketing campaign.

Lindsay Vargo

1. Go for the brokers.
Get to the brokers early in a tactical, highly targeted manner. Even if you have an internal sales team, potential buyers often have relationships with their existing real estate agents who know the market inside and out. They are an important part of the early marketing mix. Get in touch with them through targeted ad campaigns, personal mailers, even local info sessions. Engage them as soon as possible and they’ll engage the buyer.

2. Don’t skimp on your sales gallery.
Some developments take years and have multiple phases. If you invest in a stunning Sales Gallery, it will go a long way to convince a prospective buyer that their future home is a worthy investment. It should create a transformational experience where your sales team can offer an inside look at the buyer’s new home. Video walls, handcrafted custom furniture, fully-built vignettes of customizable kitchen and bathroom options are all concepts that will make the Sales Gallery one of your Sales Team’s greatest tools.

3. Be neighborly.
Many times, the neighborhood where your development is located is one of your greatest assets. During slow stretches in the Sales Gallery, extend an invite to local shops and restaurant owners to check out the space. The more informed they are, the better they can answer questions themselves. You’ve just increased your sales force. Another way to use the neighbors is to hold events in the Sales Gallery. Catered lunches and treats from local establishments are a great way to create buzz and a bond with the community.

4. Your owners are your friends.
The early buyers are the early adopters. They’ve bought into the project and can become evangelists for your vision. No one can sell a condo like someone who has already purchased one. Be sure to invite current owners to homebuyer retention events like cocktail hours and local art-gallery pop-ups. They’ll show their excitement to all of their friends who are also looking to buy. Finally, a referral program is another way to get your message out there and help make the next phases successful.

5. Seeing is believing.
The need for photorealistic renderings and high-quality photography is a must. But the production of videos that showcase the vision, lifestyle and location of your project can take things to the next level. Professionally produced, well-edited films with sound, music and intriguing design elements will elevate your overall brand message. The addition of on-screen text is also great way to emphasize important takeaways for the buyer. Whether its tone is heart-warming, forward-thinking or awe-inspiring, a great video can touch a buyer in ways that other formats can’t match.

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