It’s their party and they’ll buy if they want to.

Dana Van Galder

Events and real estate go together like floor-to-ceiling windows and downtown views. But it’s never just a party for party’s sake; it’s paramount that we cultivate an atmosphere that leads to big decisions. To land coveted conversions, simply follow these good-time guidelines.

Rule #1: Always party with a purpose.

Parties are just for fun, but events? Events have a purpose. The most successful get-togethers offer interesting content that brokers or buyers otherwise wouldn’t receive, like guest speakers, meet-and-greets, and interactive panels with industry experts who can always get a buyers’ interest piqued.

Rule #2: There’s an exception to every rule.

That said, a more traditional party does have its place in real estate sales. A casual homebuyer gathering paired with an enticing referral program often yields great results. Residents feel appreciated and bring their friends, who get an amiable introduction to the property and its established community.

Rule #3: Bigger is not necessarily better.

Generally speaking, the higher the home values, the smaller the invite list. Sales agents do their best when they have the time and space to speak to everyone personally. Larger events mean less personal investment, and can devolve into a run-of-the-mill party in no time.

Rule #4: Timing is everything.

Of course, be cautious of holidays and competing events that could affect attendance. While you’re keeping your crowd sizes small, also consider how often you’re hosting. If you’re sending out email invitations every two weeks, people simply won’t feel any urgency to attend. To ensure your event offers a premium experience, err on the side of fewer occasions with more captivating content. However…

Rule #5: Know your audience.

Events don’t do the same things for brokers and buyers. Brokers are invaluable in that they know exactly what their clients are looking for, but they also see a significant number of properties per week. Drawing them in with a memorable event will solidify your property’s first impression. Buyers, on the other hand, are looking to fall in love—a feeling that can’t be rushed or manufactured. Buyers deserve uniquely thoughtful events that feel just as personal as the momentous decision to buy a home itself. And a few complimentary cocktails certainly don’t hurt.

Generally speaking, the higher the home values, the smaller the invite list.
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