Give your buyers more FaceTime.

Turning the camera on sales.

Ashley Botros

If you’re looking for another tool for your sales team, you might want to find the time for FaceTime. A FaceTime tour allows out-of-town potential homebuyers a chance to see a property and make an informed decision in a way that would have been impossible in years past. Apple’s FaceTime technology is an exciting addition to the sales gallery experience. It can save interested parties time and money by eliminating travel expenses while still allowing for the personalized touch that helps close the sale.

Bringing the tour to the customer.
FaceTime works well for a multi-generational purchase. Many of these types of buyers are parents or grandparents who are buying or helping to buy a home for children or grandchildren. These prospective buyers tend to be well travelled, well educated and enthusiastic about new technology. They are very receptive to this smart new tool when there is a sense of urgency to the purchase. In a limited product situation, FaceTime helps by bringing the tour to the buyers, allowing them to act quickly without having to arrange an in-person visit. And by scheduling these types of tours before the sales gallery ever opens, everyone’s time is maximized. It’s a great way to get over the hump that occurs during low sales times or traditionally low visitation periods for properties.

FaceTime first for second homebuyers.
Since they’ve gone through the process at least once before, a second-time homebuyer’s physical presence is not always critical. While calling this method relaxed would be an overstatement, removing some of the pressures that came with the first home purchase definitely reduces anxiety. Another benefit for those involved is that second homebuyers don’t always have an immediate need to purchase. FaceTime can be utilized to gain necessary information in order to make a final decision.

Optimizing the experience.
The use of FaceTime by the sales team does require the salesperson to be tech savvy and feel comfortable in front of the camera. FaceTime tours increasingly need to be thought of in terms of a primary method of communication. FaceTime works best when the buyers feel confident that they are getting the whole picture. Strong photorealistic renderings, photography and an in-depth website are strong marketing tools that enhance the FaceTime experience.

A world of possibilities.
Apple’s FaceTime along with other forms of video calls like Google Hangouts and Facebook Video Chat bring an exciting element to the sales and marketing of a property. In the past, the sales team had to wait for a potential buyer to arrive. Now there is a new dynamic where the tour is brought to the buyers, wherever they may be. With the use of this technology, the target market has just gotten a lot bigger. And so has the thinking.

FaceTime works best when the buyers feel confident that they are getting the whole picture.
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