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It used to be the only thing harder than finding the perfect place to call home is making it your own — but not anymore. A new retail company called Batch is ditching the traditional design firm route for something a bit more DIY, satisfying the Millennial’s demand for carefully curated design showrooms that are fully shoppable (and endlessly customizable). We spoke with Lindsay Meyer, founder and CEO, to learn more about the future of interior design, and what it’s like to rethink design services for this emerging retail demographic.

Tell us about the beginning of Batch.
LM: Batch began in 2016 when I was working as an Entrepreneur in Residence with Montage Ventures, who became our first seed investor. Together, we started envisioning how retail might evolve into new environments and began formulating a concept around the idea of using homes as highly personalized retail environments. Online shopping fuels discovery when it comes to interiors, but falls short when it comes to seeing and interacting with products – a key component that our team believes resonates with all shoppers.

So, how does it work?
LM: Batch has become a pioneer for contextual commerce: the new practice of creating retail environments where products are placed in non-store spaces for more intimate interactions. With this business model, homes become locations for product discovery and inspiration. We believe there’s no better way to buy for your home than in real homes. We operate a supporting showroom in San Francisco, filled with home-like vignettes that refresh with new creative direction every 8-10 weeks.

How did the Batch team start working on real estate showcases?
LM: Building shoppable home staging experiences has been a part of our business plan from the beginning. We have been fortunate to work with top developers, bringing bespoke interior design and fully-merchandised floor plans to their buyers (more on that here). We produce gorgeous lifestyle photography and actively partner in creating buzz and promoting new listings. It’s thrilling to refine this part of the process, and we treasure the relationships we’ve built with homebuyers who have worked with our team to outfit their brand-new residences.

If you could predict the future of interior design in just three words, what would they be?
LM: Integrated, immersive and inspired

Is there a staging/design misconception that you’d like to debunk? If so, what is it?
LM: We believe in the power of personalization at Batch. Many staging companies approach home design as an exercise in genericizing a space for broader appeal. We’re in the business of storytelling through environmental details, building the perfect experience for our buyers. We see the design process as an opportunity to inspire prospective buyers by creating a space that exceeds their expectations. The goal is always that buyers who connect with our designs will feel instantly at home. The finished spaces are creatively risky and designed for buyers with discerning tastes. We aren’t designing for the mass market, but when we have a buyer/design fit, it’s incredibly compelling.

Which trend would you like to see permanently retired?
LM: One accessory that I think we can retire is the dramatically placed orchid plant. Whether it’s a table centerpiece, an accessory to shelving or a bedside addition – it can be replaced with a more updated look. We love playing with large palms and leafy plants to bring height and elegance to every corner (plus, they tend to be more low maintenance and realistic for everyday plant aspirations).

What is your dream project?
LM: It would be to work with a boutique hotel. I adore hotel stays – from the first impression in the lobby to the delight of luxe bathroom amenities. There’s something about being away from home that creates an escape mentality that’s unbelievably refreshing, especially when joined by impeccable hospitality. In the meantime, my dream is to continue building new opportunities for the Batch team to conceptualize and create new interiors in mixed-use projects, with commercial space that complements the residential side. We love to engineer moments that aid in discovery and improve the overall purchasing experience for our customers. A full-building integration would be the greatest possible expression of that goal.


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With this business model, homes become locations for product discovery and inspiration.
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