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Downtown Los Angeles, a.k.a. DTLA, is home to an incredible array of hip watering holes. But one that has made perhaps the biggest splash is E.R.B. That’s short for Everson Royce Bar. Created by Owner Randy Clement and Chef Matt Molina, who met working at the legendary Campanile, E.R.B. was designed to be a place that chefs and bartenders themselves would want to visit. Located in the forward thinking Arts District, E.R.B. serves up some extra tasty bar food, (burger!) along with a rather large list of spirits.

The bar flexes a bit of creative muscle with some original cocktails. Yo LA Tango and the Hancock Park are standouts. But we’re going to give special mention to Love Dies at Dawn. This is a cocktail with done with thought towards taste. Everything is balanced here. A bit of fruit. Some coffee. Great rum. In a word, yum. In a stronger word, yummy. So after you’ve visited this DTLA establishment and you wake up in the morning longing for that cocktail, you’ll understand the name.

Love Dies at Dawn
1.5 oz Caña Brava 7 yr rum
.5 oz NOLA coffee liquor
.5 oz Amaro Nonino
.5 oz Giffard Apricot
.25 oz Hellfire Shrub

In a double old fashioned glass, combine the ingredients above. Stir. Strain over Penny Pound Ice Co Big Rock. No garnish. Ever.

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Every city has a neighborhood bar. And inside that bar is a bartender who knows their stuff. They craft their drinks with care, precision and sometimes flair. And whether they create something original or give a new take on a classic, the neighborhood knows. This series will highlight bartenders creating drinks representing their neighborhoods. We’ll also give the recipes and directions. See how you do. Cheers!

Cocktails. Because people just look cooler with a drink in their hand.
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