5 Areas of Design That Make a Condo a Home.

The days of the cookie-cutter condo are over.

Kathryn Baker

1. Hear your owners.
Offer upgrades so that homeowners can tailor their spaces to their needs and unique styles. This means moving beyond the traditional choices of lighting fixtures and window treatments to offering tech packages and upgraded sleeping areas. By involving the homeowners at the beginning of the design process, they will feel a sense of ownership that goes far beyond the traditional end result of receiving the keys. New homeowners understand their power and expect an opportunity to express their desire to customize their individual spaces. The old concept of the cookie-cutter condo is no longer in the mindset of today’s buyer.

2. The beauty of the bathroom.
The trend of turning the master bathroom into a sanctuary is a great opportunity for developers to make a statement. It’s no longer just a utilitarian use of floor space. Prospective homebuyers are looking for a spa-like atmosphere with ultra-modern amenities. The design of the showers, space for seating and more interesting vanities, along with choices like water closets with bidets illustrates the attention to detail that is expected from a high-end living space. A preference is being shown toward higher-end natural materials such as Carrara, Linac marble or porcelain tile. Even the lighting of the room must be considered, since this is where preparation for the day begins. Recessed LED bulbs in a chandelier transform the master bathroom into an area that exudes both taste and elegance.

3. Make the bedroom desirable.
The master bedroom is finally getting the attention it deserves. At one point, showcase areas like kitchens and bathrooms received the design emphasis, but now the bedroom is coming out from the shadows. And since it’s no longer being treated as just a place for sleeping, eyes are now wide open to the possibilities. Sophisticated details like fireplaces, wood paneling, soft, natural lighting and elegant drapes create a sanctuary for homeowners and presents an opportunity to reflect personal taste. In a high-rise situation, an added touch is for developers to position the master bedroom so that it provides one of the most beautiful views available.

4. Get smart about tech.
As homebuyers have become more tech-savvy, there is a demand for pre-wired infrastructure in the base building specs. This will enable the support of a variety of smart-home technology like Savant and Control 4 systems. Some of the top specs are: low-voltage wiring for motorized shades, CAT 6 wiring for faster internet connections, in-wall speakers, wireless access points for guaranteed transmittal speed in steel and concrete buildings, and a designated equipment area to house a 24×24-inch equipment rack. By anticipating homeowner tech needs, wall-cluttering light switches and outlets are eliminated, leaving clean walls for even more personalization.

5. Something’s cooking in the kitchen.
Developers are stepping away from the standardized kitchen and heading towards more modular designs. Substantial islands or peninsulas are providing the look and feel that more homeowners desire. A clean and elegant aesthetic is now the trend with minimal hardware and sleek low-profile countertops, such as Neolith. Integrated appliances and convection and steam cooking will become more common. And as in every room, lighting is making a difference and the trend toward recessed LED or a combination of recessed and pendants will continue.

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