Locking in on the partisan buyer.

January 27, 2017

Talk to the people who are ready
to hear you.

Garrett Frakes

What are homebuyers looking for? It’s a classic question that is asked all too often. And many times it’s a guessing game, so we throw in the messaging kitchen sink. But in the case of the partisan buyer, the answers are almost always right in front of us. It’s much easier to sell to someone who wants to buy exactly what you are selling. If you can figure out the property’s strongest differentiating attributes, whether it’s neighborhood, architecture, style or personality, the need for convincing the partisan buyer is eliminated. They are already interested. You’re talking their language and there is a built-in connection.

A partisan buyer’s love and loyalty runs deep. They have an almost zealot-like attachment to their chosen interest. It’s at the core of their very being. So it makes total sense to target them early in pre-sales. Take advantage of what the property has to offer. If it’s designed with exposed concrete and an industrial feel, you’ll probably have a harder time bringing in buyers looking for an amenity-filled ultra-modern existence. So you should calibrate the efforts and communication towards artists and other creative types who will see the value in the offering’s style and possibilities.

Many partisan buyers decisions are neighborhood driven. They have made sacrifices in their lives to live in a particular community. Their draw to live a certain lifestyle might mean eliminating seemingly important personal items, going without a car or downsizing to a much smaller living space. What are large sacrifices to some are no brainers to the partisan buyer. It’s all done so they can live exactly where they want to be. Many times because they have built their entire lifestyle around that area. For example, 95% of buyers who buy in DTLA, live, work and breathe DTLA. Why exponentially pay for a conversion outside of the DTLA loyalists when the loyalists are right there?

By targeting the partisan buyer early with the differentiator that attracts them, the chances for conversion in pre-sales are increased tremendously. Early adoption by partisan buyers also creates brand evangelists who bring the message to friends and family in a powerful way. If a property has a style or attribute that makes it stand out, look for the partisan buyer. Because they might just be looking for you.

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Early adoption by partisan buyers also creates brand evangelists who bring the message to friends and family in a powerful way.
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