Hot New Condo Amenity is a Great Space to Work.


Co-Working Spaces: Hot New Condo Amenity is a Great Space to Work.

It started with Starbucks. One minute it was a coffee shop and the next it was the corner office for everyone from entrepreneurs and freelancers to people with side gigs and flexible workplaces. Technological changes mean that far more people can work remotely than ever before. A recent Gallup survey found that 43 percent of Americans who are employed work remotely at least part of the time. Anyone who works in a home office knows that while the flexibility can be beneficial, the downside is isolation.

Workers today have embraced co-working spaces like WeWork and others where they can do their own thing in the company of others. Developers have embraced this notion of co-working spaces and have created an updated version of the former “business center” – a common amenity in upscale apartments and condos.  “We noticed all the people in the lobby, the lounge and the sky decks in our buildings working and realized that it would be nice to have a designated place for them to work,” says Paul Zegar, a partner with Polaris Pacific, a consulting and sales firm for condo developers in seven cities in California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii.

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